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eBook An Artful Deception (Avalon Romance) ePub

eBook An Artful Deception (Avalon Romance) ePub

by Karen Cogan

  • ISBN: 0803499175
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Karen Cogan
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Montlake Romance (August 1, 2008)
  • Pages: 216
  • ePub book: 1290 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1570 kb
  • Other: lrf docx mobi lit
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 966


Karen Cogan AN ARTFUL DECEPTION CHAPTER ONE Lady Katharine held her slender shoulders rigid

An Artful Deception book. An Artful Deception (Avalon Romance). Jul 14, 2017 NaDell rated it it was amazing.

Yet, are you sure it would not be better to marry this Cedric? If you are a lady, you would live the life of a lady.

Sweet romance and wholesome children's books come from Karen Cogan's pen. With a background in elementary education, Karen Cogan draws upon the interests of her students to choose subject matter for her books.

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Lady Katharine is trapped between two impossible choices. Either she will marry the cousin she despises, or marry Philip, to whom she was pledged in childhood. The prospect of staying at her family estate with her uncle and cousin is so unfavorable that she chooses Philip to avoid an immediate attachment to her cousin. Suddenly, the accidental deaths of her traveling companions offer her the chance she has awaited. With no one left alive to vouch for her identity, she hatches a brilliant plan to exchange identities with her lady's maid, who was killed in the accident. But when the impersonation fools Philip, formerly her betrothed, she learns that it might have been a terrible mistake. Lady Katherine soon finds herself like a spider caught in her own web. When she is discovered in her lie, she must confess all, with disastrous results that leave her to wonder if she'll ever regain Philip's trust.


Kazigrel Kazigrel
The story started out well. I liked the premise about Lady Katharine and her dilemma in having to choose between marrying her cousin, or a man her parents matched for her while they were still children. But very soon it became obvious that this book needed editing. At first i didn't mind, but too often i'd come across two words stuck together due to the lack of spacing. Once or thrice is okay, but it went on till the last chapter and that got irritating. And there's more. In chapter 2: "high-colored gray dress" must be high collared; "Wrapped on the door" must be rapped on the door; chapter 4: "did you fine something...?"
In chapter 5, the heroine sneaked out to see a solicitor and she hired a "handsome coach". Uhmn, it is possible that the coachman was indeed handsome, but i think the author meant "Hansom cab", a horse-drawn carriage designed by a Mr. Hansom. Chapter 11: the maid Lizzy suddenly became Letty. The list could go on.
During her visit with the silicitor to "claim her pension", the solicitor spoke to her in a manner much too familiar for that period and at a first meeting, especially after she introduced herself as Lady Kirby ("Have a seat my dear"). He should have addressed her as Lady Kirby, or My Lady, not my dear. The hero is an only son and heir, but both his parents still lived and very active in society, so he could not have been carrying the title of Marquess yet, not until after his father died and he inherits the title. The romance is almost non existent; but once the hero located the heroine after she moved out, they suddenly declared themselves in love with each other. Wow, what happened, a strike of lightning?
I can't say i really liked the heroine. She finds herself worthy of no less than a Duke or a Marquess. Yet she acted foolishly, and still think that she could just march off to London by herself and catch such a titled husband as if they are waiting like sheep at market for her to choose from. Silly plot; or perhaps not, but the execution plus the inconsistencies and editing issues gave me a poor impression. At least the book is free from explicit scenes. Such a pity it got published in such state. I'm sure this book could have merited much from professional editing.
Rude Rude
The story started out great. There were minimal editing issues and I enjoyed the characters. However unfortunately the characters didn't develop as the story progressed and I started to loose interest from the lack of emotions. It felt like what little emotion portrayed was forced. Also I felt like parts of the story were out of place. I have trouble with books where the main characters fall in love and share their love before the conflicts are all done with unless those conflicts are started from the beginning of the story.
Cordann Cordann
The good: I was beginning to like this story. The characters were pretty strong, the plot was intriguing. I liked them together, loved her having to be a maid.

The bad: Parts of the book were ridiculous. The families knew each other, they met as children, their mothers were best friends......but they didnt know she was a red head and not a pale blonde? The author dragged parts of the book out and then decided to end it abruptly, skipping over the details and throwing everything into a few pages. No concrete happy ending, no punishment for one of the main villains, just a glossed over recap of the hero's actions told to us.

Overall: Could have been a great book. I got this for free, but was still disappointed. The author blew the ending, blew the last chapter.
Freaky Hook Freaky Hook
Keeps one on the toes. Well written, though many errors, which got a bit distracting. Worth reading anyway. Loved it
Hatе&love Hatе&love
This was a wonderful--wonderful book. It had love, intrigue, mystery, everything that a book should have. There were only a few typos!
Ranicengi Ranicengi
The book is as artfully deceptive as its beautiful cover. Turn the pages and there are elegant turns of phrase, descriptive imagery of scenery and dress, and a highly amusing story line. It could stand a little bit more of character development and flow. Other than this, I was thoroughly entertained!
Lo◘Ve Lo◘Ve
I got bogged down a little when reading this. Could have been the other things going on that did it though.
I just finished An Artful Deception by Karen Cogan and I can say that it was an all right novel but nothing too exciting or memorable in it.

The book had promise in the beginning the heroine,Lady Katharine Kirby had the choice of choosing between her cousin or her betrothed from childhood to marry. In the end, she goes for her betrothed because her cousin and therefore her uncle are horrible. As said in the summary statement there is a carriage accident and she trades places with her ladies maid, because she is under the impression that her intended is no better a person than her cousin even though she is basing her judgment on meeting him when she was a little girl. It is interesting to see how she deals with the ramifications of this decision, however she ends up regretting it, because she falls for her intended, Philip. She then concocts this plan to where she will try to be a "lady" again and get herself married by going to a ball. This fails when Philip intercepts her at said ball and calls her out.

In the end everything that happens past this incident, while could have been very interesting and more drawn out, was resolved faster and easier than would have been expected.

The last 20-30% of the novel is very cutesy and uninteresting going over their relationship and again when something does happen it is very neutral and is resolved in a quick manner.

The novel had great potential to be something very different and interesting but it lacked the emotion, diction, and action to make it so.