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eBook Grey Zone (A Dulcie Schwartz Cat Mystery) ePub

eBook Grey Zone (A Dulcie Schwartz Cat Mystery) ePub

by Clea Simon

  • ISBN: 0727869922
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Clea Simon
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Severn House Publishers; First Edition edition (April 1, 2011)
  • Pages: 224
  • ePub book: 1776 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1835 kb
  • Other: lit txt mbr docx
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 220


A Dulcie Schwartz feline mystery - When a student goes missing and a professor ends up dead, Dulcie Schwartz realizes that midterms are going to be worse than ever. She’s hard at work on her thesis, but present day concerns – including the destructive mischief of her growing kitten – keep dragging her back into a tangle of motive, misbehavior, and maybe even murder. If only Mr Grey, her beloved feline ghost, would lend a hand, at least with that rambunctious kitten . . .


Funky Funky
Harvard graduate student Dulcie Schwartz is hard at work on her thesis, which focuses on a 200-year-old Gothic mystery. Mr. Grey, the spirit of her beloved feline, who offered wise advice and comfort to Dulcie in the past, has been increasingly silent. Dulcie could really use his help with Esme, her mischievous and sometimes destructive kitten. And on top of everything, her boyfriend is working all the time, and never seems to be available when Dulcie needs him. When a student goes missing and a professor ends up dead, Dulcie finds herself drawn deeper and deeper into an increasingly complicated tangle of possible suspects, motives, and maybe even murder.

This exceptionally plotted story sweeps the reader along with Dulcie as she tries to unravel the mystery. Will Mr. Grey help her, as he did in the past? What about Esme? Will the kitten play a part in solving they mystery? You'll have to read the book to find out.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book not just for the story, but also for the main characters and the setting. Simon excels in developing her characters, and Dulcie is no exception. Simon's skills in writing appealing characters extend to the cats as well. Even though Mr. Grey is a ghost cat, he feels real, and many readers will be able to relate to the feeling of connection with lost pets that extends beyond the realm of the physical. She perfectly captures the antics of a growing kitten, and the slow process of a new kitten making her way into the heart of someone who's lost a beloved cat. The relationship between Dulcie and her boyfriend keeps changing and growing as well. The story is set in Cambridge in the middle of winter, and Simon sets the scene so well that I found myself shivering at times.

All of these components make this book a terrific read for cat lovers, mystery lovers, and lovers of a great story. Don't miss this one.
Punind Punind
Kaim Kaim
A great read...... especially if you like books or cats. I have read the whole series. More words to meet the requirement
Qiahmagha Qiahmagha
Clea Simon has a true talent for keeping it interesting and unque. I have never been a fan of "supernatural" stories, but she definitely keeps your interest and makes you wonder if maybe cats and their people comunicate here and beyond. Entertaining and exciting.
Flower Flower
The relationships between Dulcie and Mr. Grey and Dulcie and Esmeralda are very endearing and relevant. The ending of this book was worth the read.
great ant great ant
Grey Zone (Dulcie Schwartz)

I've read Clea Simon's Theda Krakow Mysteries and enjoyed them. Which is why I bought the Dulcie Schwartz Mystery series. But I won't be buying anymore of this book series. Ms. Simon's descriptive and informative life at Harvard for a grad student involved in Postdoctoral research was very interesting. I savored reading about the Harvard Square restaurants. Her characterization of Mr. Grey and little Esme were delightful. Her human characters were portrayed very well and were believable.

All except for one...Dulcie Schwartz. This character was extremely irritating. I liked the first book, Grey Matters. The second book, Shades of Grey, is where the Dulcie character became annoying. This character is needy requiring constant attention; a co-dependent looking for a "co". This character is emotionally and psychologically messed up! In Grey Zone, this character acts without thinking, jumps at false assumptions, becomes dizzy and pukes at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, for me, Ms Simon's depiction is all too real.
Landamath Landamath
While I quite liked the previous 2 books in this series, this one did not live up to them.

Dulcie's new faculty adviser does not think she's on the right track for her dissertation... and I must say, I rather agree with him. This is at least the third time in a few months in which she has largely changed direction in what she plans to demonstrate and why... with each new change sounding less and less plausible. I also tend to agree with her adviser that she is overly focused on other aspects of her life as a way to avoid settling down and working on her thesis!

Including, of course, meddling in other people's dramas, in which she is of little help because she is so peripherally involved, and none of the principals actually want her to meddle. A student dropped out of one of her class sections over a year ago- and NOW, all of a sudden, she is wracked with guilt about having not been supportive enough? when the young woman even switched majors??? Dulcie's commitment to one of her current tutoring students is more appropriate, but still overly involved, especially when the student wants her to back off (and Dulcie won't), and given that Dulcie really has to stop avoiding and start writing her dissertation!

This would have been more interesting if it were discussed more directly, rather than implied. Sure, most of us procrastinate and avoid things that are tricky and hard by getting overly involved with other stuff. Dulcie shows no insight into this, though, and her friends mostly do not call her on it.

The plot was complicated, so much so that I am not at all sure it made sense. Loose ends galore, and the final resolution seemed more appropriate to one of Dulcie's beloved Gothic novels than a modern mystery. Which, again, would have been fascinating IF there ws any sign that the author had noticed it!

I do like the cats, though Esme has stayed a kitten for roughly a year now, which is not plausible. She is also a very aggressive cat, and while we adopted a similar kitty, he is pretty gentle with us now; it's been a long time since he made us bleed. Esme is plenty old enough to learn manners! And while I love Mr Grey, it's been over a year since his demise, and Dulcie seems to keep clinging to his ghost rather than bonding with poor Esme. I have lost several Most Beloved Cats in my time, and it's hard, and I never stop missing them- but I take joy in the other felines in my family.

I have started #4; we shall see with that one.