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eBook Rage Factor ePub

eBook Rage Factor ePub

by Chris Rogers

  • ISBN: 0553580701
  • Category: Mystery
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Chris Rogers
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Bantam; 1st Printing edition (January 4, 2000)
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  • Fb2 book: 1836 kb
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 631


Bantam books by chris rogers. This book is dedicated to the memory of Stan Houston, a fine writer who made me laugh, and to all the fans who loved Bitch Factor.

Bantam books by chris rogers. Any mistakes in this book are entirely my own. The best of it I owe to some exceptional people: The entire staff of Internal Audit and everyone at Bank United, especially Lisa and (our friend) Candace.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. A lot of the fun and energy in Bitch Factor, Chris Rogers's first book about Texas unty hunter Dixie Flannigan, came from Dixie's unabashed audacity and attitude. Bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan is well acquainted with the difference between law and justice. But not even she can believe a sleaze like Lawrence Riley Coombs. She's so fed up with watching bad guys get off easy that she's shaved down her career to only catching them, and letting other people worry about punishing them.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Bitch Factor introduced Houston's toughest bounty hunter: Dixie Flannigan, five feet two inches and 120 pounds of highly honed brain and muscle.

Sarina grumbled, leaning against the red brick beside Brenda’s front door as Dixie rang the bell. So did I. We’ll only be here a few minutes. Then we’ll eat. she knew anything about Carrera’s disappearance. Lots of parents who battered their children were getting help one way or another, trying to work out their problems. Maybe Carrera, in a sudden flash of conscience, had decided her son was better off with his grandparents, and decided to simply get in her car and keep driving. No reason to think Carrera’s disappearance was in any.

Chris Rogers, Cape Town, Western Cape.

See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Dixie Flannigan by. Chris Rogers (Goodreads Author).

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Bitch Factorintroduced Houston's toughest bounty hunter: Dixie Flannigan, five feet two inches and 120 pounds of highly honed brain and muscle, packing assorted types of heat. Her ten years as a prosecutor showed Dixie the difference between law and justice.

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Bounty hunter Dixie Flannigan is well acquainted with the difference between law and justice. But not even she can believe a sleaze like Lawrence Riley Coombs, on trial for a sadistic rape, will walk--especially after jumping bail and attacking her when she went to bring him in. But a jury sets him free, and before Dixie can even stifle her outrage, she learns that a vigilante group has abducted Coombs and given him a brutal taste of his own medicine.Dixie can't help wondering if the attack involved her friend Assistant DA Brenda Benson, threatened by Coombs as he strolled out of the courtroom. And when Dixie can't help wondering, Dixie can't help investigating. As the vigilantes strike again, she learns that these outlaw avengers risk spinning out of control--and at least one of them will go to any length to protect their mission. And worse--Dixie doesn't know there's someone else targeting her: someone who likes his revenge slow and painful....


Nagis Nagis
You'll loose sleep rather than put it down! I hope to see more of these in the future. Please wire more.
Flower Flower
Based on the wow factor of the first novel in this series, I could hardly wait to start the second book, RAGE FACTOR. If you aren't into rape, violence and vigilante revenge, you may want to pass this one. This takes gritty to a new level - it is not for the faint-of-heart!

I really liked the fact that Dixie was still with her paramour, Parker Dunn, from the first story. However, there's plenty of angst between them. There's the issue of the dangerous nature of Dixie's job. Parker is worried that Dixie will get into something she can't handle. The opening chapters of this story prove Parker to be right to worry.

As a native Houstonian, I've enjoyed the generous sprinkling of Houston-area sites and addresses in this series. It is a nice change from the usual addresses in Los Angeles; is just me or are most of the bad guys in crime novels hanging out in LA & San Francisco? I'm glad to see that a few have moved to Houston.

This book has several things going on; it begins with an assault/rapist escaping conviction through his good looks and sincere smiles. The rapist has the prosecutor and Dixie in his sites for vicious retaliation.

In the meantime, Dixie has taken a bodyguard job - protecting the 16 year-old daughter of a famous actress. Threatening notes have been coming for weeks to the actress. The most recent one has promised that the stalker will take his anger out on the daughter.

At the same time, a vigilante group of unknown persons is wreaking vengeance on those miscreants who escape justice in the court system. Dixie is worried that she may know some of the participants. All these strands make for a well-paced book with lots of action - some of it grisly.
4 stars

Dixie Flanagan
1. Bitch Factor (1998)
2. Rage Factor (1999)
3. Chill Factor (2000)
4. Slice of Life (2012)
Samulkree Samulkree
Dixie Flannigan thinks she has it all, job she loves to do, great family and a man she thinks she can have a long relationship with; that is until Lawrence Coombs enters her life and turns it upside down. He beats her up when she tries to bring him in when he didn't show up for court, he then beats the crime he was charged with which enrages the vitims. A group of 'aveneging angels' take over where the courts fail and give him a piece of his own medicine. But they don't stop with Coombs and they move on to others who were let off making Dixie wonder if the ADA and her friend Brenda is involved with the street justice being dished out.
In the meantime she is babysitting the daughter of an actress who has been getting threatening letters in the mail. As she has her hands full with work the man in her life Parker Dann, wants her to find a job with less risk and will have her home at a regular time.
I do agree it was a bit predicable, but it was hard to put down some nights and go to sleep. I'm looking forward to read the next book in the series and hopefully there will be more to come.
Shalinrad Shalinrad
the back of the book boasts "chilling and suspenseful". i did not see any of those things. I did read a well-written book, where our heroine deserved a little more character development. the book is fast-paced and action packed. There are surprising twists and turns. It is good in the respect that it shows women to be strong and capable, not good in that they are banded together and come off psychotic (okay so they maim and torture a few people). i recommend this book, because Chris Rogers is a promising writer!
Rko Rko
I really enjoyed this book. The story is unique, and the plot manages to move along smoothly while building up on the mystery and suspense. There are some really great twists and turns that surprised me! I love Dixie's character, and there are some fun supporting characters (including her family members). This is the second book in the series (after Bitch Factor) and I really look forward to the third.
September September
Dixie has what every woman wants, wit, looks, and the ability to fight her way out of any situation she can't outsmart. Each scene keeps you reading. Never a dull moment in this action packed, kick-butt, thriller. I highly recomend this book to anyone tired of predictable plots. Inovative and smart writing. Dixie represents women today, or what they dream of being!
Granirad Granirad
I read Rage Factor and the second book and enjoyed both immensely. Good fun reading. I'm looking forward to reading Chill Factor. However I was appalled that Chris Rogers' publisher passed on printing her latest Dixie Flannigan novel, _Slice of Life_. Ms. Rogers self published online. Haven't read it yet. Hope it won't dissappoint.
I picked this book up after reading a referral here on Let me just say that if you want an EXCELLENT read that will be running through your mind long after you are finished reading, then this book is IT! It holds your attention through the entire book, and is truly one that kept me on the edge of my seat. I will be reading others by this author for sure!