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eBook Black (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) (The Books of History Chronicles) ePub

eBook Black (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) (The Books of History Chronicles) ePub

by Ted Dekker

  • ISBN: 0849917905
  • Category: Thrillers and Suspense
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Ted Dekker
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: W Pub Group; First Edition edition (January 1, 2004)
  • Pages: 400
  • ePub book: 1975 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1264 kb
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 110


In this book Ted Dekker writes an ultimate showdown between good and . This is the 2nd book in the Circle Series. After reading Black, I was so glad that I got these books at the same time instead of having to wait months for the next book.

In this book Ted Dekker writes an ultimate showdown between good and evil, and it's been done to the death in books and movies but this novel is simply astounding. It is a continuation of the journey of Thomas Hunter who lives in 2 realities. Red picks up right where Black leaves off. Kind of.

Continuing the Circle trilogy begun with BLACK, Dekker’s RED thrusts the reader into a fascinating tale of suspense . In this book Ted Dekker writes an ultimate showdown between good and evil, and it's been done to the death in books and movies but this novel is simply astounding.

Continuing the Circle trilogy begun with BLACK, Dekker’s RED thrusts the reader into a fascinating tale of suspense and intrigue. Reader Rob Lamont brings urgency and clarity to what could be a topsy-turvy page-turner.

Author Ted Dekker offers an interesting premise in his Circle Trilogy (Black/Red/White) - that a man can alternate between the present and the future through his dreams and influence one reality by his actions in the other. The series is also a fascinating Biblical allegory. The final book, White, is the best of the three, because it explains clearly in the finale most of the unanswered questions Dekker raises in this thought-provoking series. For fans of fantasy, speculative fiction, and Christian literature, it's a real treat.

Black: The Birth of Evil is a novel written by author Ted Dekker. It is the first book in the Circle Series, and is a part of the Books of History Chronicles. The book was published in 2004 by Thomas Nelson. This book is about a man named Thomas Hunter in Denver, Colorado, 2010, who, after being knocked unconscious from a bullet wound to the head, wakes up to find himself in a strange world full of black, twisted trees.

See the Books of History Chronicles for other books in the grand series of which this is a part. Black: The Birth of Evil. Book 1-3. The Circle Trilogy.

Number of Words in a Book Series (247 items) list by garfield2710. View all Black (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) (The Books of History Chronicles) lists. Manufacturer: Thomas Nelson Release date: 11 February 2004 ISBN-10 : 0849917905 ISBN-13: 9780849917905.

Bibliographic Details. Title: BLACK (THE CIRCLE TRILOGY, BOOK 1) (THE. List this Seller's Books. Publisher: Thomas Nelson. Publication Date: 2004. Book Condition: Very Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Very Good.

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In a first installment of a new trilogy, Thomas Hunter narrowly survives a shooting attempt only to awaken in an alternate universe of green forests, a world to which he subsequently travels every time he goes to sleep.


Querlaca Querlaca
An unusual adventure, thriller fantasy about novelist Thomas Hunter who finds himself in a semi-paradise whenever he dreams that is so real that he believes that this world is the dream, except when he dreams in that world and wakes up in this. From going back and forth, he finds himself instrumental in both worlds -- instrumental in their salvation and damnation -- even as he learns increasingly of their connection. That's as much as a spoiler as I'll provide. Bad points: Characterizations are rather weak, descriptions of the other world are almost cartoonish, action and plot are pretty unbelievable, and I didn't like how God was portrayed. It is a little too much like how many like to view God: like a sweet innocent child who likes to cavort about. One other thing, I don't like cliff hangers, which this story is. Yet, for all of its faults, I still liked it and am contemplating reading the next in The Circle.
The Sinners from Mitar The Sinners from Mitar
This is a great book for people who like fantasy and science fiction. The story opens with a few men discussing how to create a virus that will kill everyone and then making countries pay for the antivirus. Then the story changes to Thomas Hunter in Denver. He injures his head and when he blacks out or sleeps he dreams he is in a different reality. This reality is so real that it makes Denver feel like a dream. I won't say more because it will spoil the book. I am now reading the second book; Red, and enjoying it as well.
Erthai Erthai
This is the first book in what is one of my favorite series. Whether you are reading it for the first time or reading it again, you will be mesmerized. It reminds me of a modern Chronicles of Narnia with a grown-up twist. I couldn't recommend the series more. I would recommend you read Black first.
Sirara Sirara
Thomas Hunter, a want-to-be writer, is living a life that bounces back and forth between two worlds. One is real and the other is a dream, but which is which. Or are they both real. At the same time? Are the events in each tied together somehow or are they truly independent of each other? So many questions to ask by individuals in each “world”, yet the answers don’t make sense, or do they? The ending comes up abruptly and then again it isn’t really the end.
Does Thomas encounter God and if so is that one reality heaven? Read and judge for yourself.
Drelalen Drelalen
Only my second five star review. Creative concept involving someone living in two different time periods during "dreams", which turn out to be interconnected realities and not dreams. Love the theological concepts woven into the plot during the future time period, which reminded me a lot of a Garden of Eden in which God lives in close relationship to God's creation until the patriarch gives into temptation. I immediately started reading the sequel "Red".
digytal soul digytal soul
I had a bit of a hard time getting into the book at the beginning with the jumps from world to world (I'm not THAT fond of sci-fi) but once I adapted to the story line and crossover to the other world, this book (and the ones that follow) really grabbed me! I love the way Dekker paints a picture of Gods amazing love for us. That God would love after the betrayal and denial is so amazing and such a difficult concept. We typically try to put God into a human box and if God was like us, by the time we come around to even looking into who He really is, we'd have blown it past any hope of redemption. But these books really show you in a powerful way that God is not to be boxed into our human frame. He may be a lion, a lamb or a boy... And that our sin really hurts God but that He makes a way. Definitely a 5 star story.
Quynaus Quynaus
I've read every novel Ted Dekker has written (and will continue to do so). Every time a new one comes out, I hope it'll be better than his older novels, and am slightly disappointed when they aren't. I'm sure there are people who will disagree, but I think Dekker's older novels (Circle Trilogy, Martyr's Song Trilogy, Thr3e & Obsessed) are the best he's written. Don't get me wrong: I like all of Dekker's novels, but my favorites are his older ones. I bought the Circle Trilogy a few years ago, read it, then sold it to fund my voratious book reading habit. Recently I regretted selling them, and just purchased another set that I will NEVER sell! Dekker's next novels - a six series set, is loosely tied to the Circle Trilogy, and so I'll be reading them again before his next books come out in February 2008.

Buy the Circle Trilogy and enjoy some of the best Dekker has ever written.