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eBook City of the Sun ePub

eBook City of the Sun ePub

by David Levien

  • ISBN: 0593059328
  • Category: Thrillers and Suspense
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: David Levien
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: BANTAM PRESS; Export / Airport ed edition (2008)
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  • Rating: 4.8
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David Levien City of the Sun ONE Jamie Gabriel wakes at 5:44, as the clock radio ’ s volume bursts from the silence.

David Levien City of the Sun ONE Jamie Gabriel wakes at 5:44, as the clock radio ’ s volume bursts from the silence. He rolls and hits the sleep bar, clipping off the words to an annoying pop song by some boy-band graduate who wears the same clothes and does the same moves as his backup dancers. Kids at school say they like him. Some do; the rest are just following along. ONE. Jamie Gabriel wakes at 5:44, as the clock radio ’ s volume bursts from the silence.

City of the Sun book. David Levien's first time writing a novel is a total smash. In the character of Frank Behr we have a revelation: a broken but unbreakable man who, brilliantly flawed, goes down but never for the full count. While the ending is a bit happier than it should be, given the subject matter, the trip to find this missing child will be something that fans of PI stories will enjoy a great deal.

OK. David Levien is a script writer and it shows: Pacing, quick cuts, and little room for interior monologue that usually gives the character to noir.

Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). OK. At first I thought I'd run into another graduate from the Patterson school of hack writing. Then, something happened.

The acclaimed author of City of the Sun returns with a relentlessly taut new novel featuring enigmatic private investigator Frank Behr and the American heartland setting that has won David Levien critical raves. In an Indianapolis underground parking structure, Frank Behr is on an executive protection detail for Bernard Bernie Cool Kolodnik, a hard-driving business mogul on the verge of making a move into big-time Indiana politics. Behr is working for an exclusive investigation company, and it’s an uncomfortable fit, both literally and philosophically.

If anyone had any misconceptions about Rooster belonging to one of those groups, he’d be glad to straighten it out for him. Anytime. The place shimmered under banks of fluorescent lights. The place shimmered under banks of fluorescent lights d iron plates sang out in harmony with violent grunts. Still, it was the only option in town for guys in serious training

David Levien is an American screenwriter, novelist, director, and producer

David Levien is an American screenwriter, novelist, director, and producer. Best known as the co-writer of Ocean's Thirteen and Rounders, Levien has also produced films such as The Illusionist and The Lucky Ones Levien frequently collaborates on projects with his writing partner Brian Koppelman. As a novelist, he has published City of the Sun, Where the Dead Lay, 13 Million Dollar Pop, and Signature Kill. Earlier works are often published under D. J. Levien. Levien studied at the University of Michigan.

Riveting suspense in the tradition of Dennis Lehane and Michael Connelly, City of the Sun introduces retired detective Frank Behr-an imposing, charismatic former cop who agrees to take the case of a boy who’s been missing for over a year. Jamie Gabriel gets on his bike before dawn to deliver newspapers in his suburban Indianapolis neighborhood. From the antiseptic comforts of suburban Indianapolis to the city’s seamy underworld, David Levien introduces a private investigator as complex, idiosyncratic, and sympathetic as any in modern crime fiction. Levien is a gifted storyteller who will keep readers guessing right up until the final, explosive scene.

City of the Sun (Levien novel). City of the Sun is a crime/suspense novel by David Levien, published by Random House Books. Levien is currently working on a film script of the book. A 14-year-old boy is kidnapped on his usual newspaper round. His parents' relationship suffers through the unknowing of their child's fate.


Insanity Insanity
This is the first Levien novel I had read. At first it didn't grab me but as I continued reading it became more compelling. It is a story that has a lot of despair along with life changing effects after a devasting event. It also shows a depravity that most of us don't want to admit exists. I found it thought provoking and intriguing. Worth a read
Maman Maman
I must agree with those who pointed out how "by-the-numbers" certain aspects of this book appear to anyone who has read more mature authors within the same genre. Still, with an unusual but well crafted premise, interesting characters, and an investigation that, once set in motion, overcomes one obstacle after another, this was a four star book all the way to the last few chapters.

Perhaps it was the screenwriter background in Levien that precipitated the unnecessarily adventurous and violent action scene at the end of the story. However, what was meant as a climactic finish comes across as not only contrived, but also beyond the limit of the most elastic of credibilities. What's worse, once the reader's "I-believe" button ceases to work, he cannot fail to realize how illogical and out of character the behavior of both the investigator and his employer have been in previous scenes as well as the final one.

Undoubtably, Frank Behr has promise, but he's still work in progress. I hope his next outing will provide the reader with auxiliary characters that are a little deeper than cardboard cutouts and a less violent but more logical climax.
Akir Akir
Levian is a new read for me. He is so right on, loved his Frank Behr. Am ordering the novels he has written with this character. Very well written and hope to see many more in the future. Behr could be a combo of Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers. A super read for all crime fans.
Aiata Aiata
When thirteen-year-old Jamie Gabriel disappears while delivering his early morning paper route, his upwardly mobile parents, Paul and Carol, think at first he must have left early for school. With hard graphic certainty, the reader knows otherwise. Jamie has become the victim of a child prostitution ring.

What follows for the parents is an exercise in depression as days, then weeks go by and the police learn nothing. Oh, they're polite enough, but bottom line - they think Jamie is a runaway.

Fourteen months pass. The Gabriel's have tried two private investigators. The police haven't logged two hours on the case in over a year. Paul and Carol? Their missing son hangs between them like a burning cross. Most couples who lose a child end up divorcing. They're on track.

Enter Frank Behr. Former police officer now private investigator. At 14 months, Frank knows how hopeless this case is, but he's carrying his own luggage and it too involves a lost son. Despite his better judgement, he knows he wants the case, and it will not only be that, it will be a rescue of another sort too - a marriage.

City of the Sun's redemption plot takes on one of the oldest and most taboo perversions, sex with children, in this case, boys. There are men who will do anything for it, and City of the Sun is filled with the people who help them succeed. This novel is gritty, harsh, every adjective you've ever heard applied to the genre, but there's heart as well. Heart in the struggles of Paul and Carol to hold on, and in Behr's reflections on his past failures. The boy's fate? Hey, download your own copy.

Art Tirrell is the author of the 2007 adventure novel The Secret Ever Keeps set on and under the waters of Lake Ontario.

"simply put...the best underwater scenes I've ever read." M. Westley
Kieel Kieel
OK. David Levien is a script writer and it shows: Pacing, quick cuts, and little room for interior monologue that usually gives the character to noir. At first I thought I'd run into another graduate from the Patterson school of hack writing. Then, something happened. Through action and narrative, Levien created characters that were powerfully imagined by what they did, not what they thought about what they were doing.

Frank Behr and Paul and Carol Gabriel take you deep into the love and loss of parenthood and its redemptive strength long after hope is gone. They do it by living through a confrontation with with the greatest horror and banal evil to face a mother or father.

An earlier reviewer nailed it when he compare this book to The Searchers. Congratulations Mr. Levien. I look foward to reading more.
Qus Qus
This book was thoroughly enjoyable and one of the best books I have read in a long time! The characters and plot really pull you in and the lead character Behr is someone I definitely want to read more adventures about!!!! As a father I truly felt Paul's pain and dispare. I highly recommend it, should be on every ones must read list!!!
Nalmetus Nalmetus
Excellent book. Extremely well written. The suspense begins on page 2 and doesn't stop until the end. Put on your helmet and mouth piece because it gets bumpy... I'm sad it ended.
This is a suspenseful story of a kidnapping of a young boy(every parent's nightmare), the chase to find him dead or alive, the ripping apart of the parent's marriage, the private investigator and his own personality quirks------just more fun than maragaritas and pinatas in Mexico------and then there's that,too. Well,sorta. I loved this book. It was fast paced, a page turner of the highest quality. Don't expect to have much of a life for yourself before you finish reading this book. Just pour youself a cerveza or a glass of wine, sit back and get ready for the fun ride.