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by Michael Page,Jack Higgins

  • ISBN: 1441846603
  • Category: Thrillers and Suspense
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Michael Page,Jack Higgins
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (January 15, 2012)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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Jack Higgins' Solo is a thriller novel about murder and revenge. The book is set in the 1970's, and follows John Mikali, a Greco-American assassin who targets political figures from around the world, and Asa Morgan, a man who seeks revenge against Mikali.

Jack Higgins' Solo is a thriller novel about murder and revenge. The focus shifts back and forth between the two. The book opens with the quote "Revenge is a wild kind of justice," from Francis Bacon, foreshadowing the book's theme of revenge. Mikali, who takes great care to avoid any deaths other than that Jack Higgins' Solo is a thriller novel about murder and revenge.

Explore 13 Jack Higgins books with characters just as tough and bold as their creator. The bestselling author of 'The Eagle Has Landed' has over 50 million books in print. Explore 13 Jack Higgins books with characters just as tough and bold as their creator.

Henry Patterson (born 27 July 1929), known by his pen name Jack Higgins, is a British writer. He is one of the best-selling authors of popular thrillers and espionage novels. His breakthrough novel The Eagle Has Landed (1975) sold over 50 million copies and was adapted into a successful film by the same title.

Jack Higgins (Author),‎ Michael Page (Reader). Book 1 of 21 in the Sean Dillon Series. Higgins hits the ground running on page one and never stops till the last page is read. Sean Dillon is described as a top-notch planner and executor for anybody wanting to take out some well-known world leader. He is a short, blonde Irishman who is skilled in theatrical costumes, make-up, and hair due to his experience as an actor in earlier years.

Jack Higgins - the complete book list . Jack Higgins was born on 27th July 1929 in Newcastle on Tyne, is the principal pseudonym of UK novelist Harry Patterson. He moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland with his mother after his parents marriage foundered, and was raised there amid religious and political violence Exocet.

Any type of book or journal citing Jack Higgins as a writer should. Below you'll find a Jack Higgins books list, including published and even unpublished works. Any type of book or journal citing Jack Higgins as a writer should appear on this list. The full bibliography of the author Jack Higgins below includes book jacket images whenever possible. Items on this list include The Eagle Has Landed and Night of the Fox.

The master of suspense returns with a cutting-edge tale that pits his heroes Sean Dillon and Sara Gideon against the nuclear ambitions of Iran. A fortune in stolen British gold lies shipwrecked at the bottom of the Irish Sea. Irish militant Michael Ryan wants to finance war in his homeland – and a sinister pact with the New York Mafia will make his dreams a savage reality. Former IRA enforcer Sean Dillon now works for the British government.

Jack Higgins is like the Jason Bourne of thriller writers. From Nazi conspiracies and assassination attempts to terrorist organizations and drug cartels, these books will leave hooked, breathless, and jonesing for your own spy adventure. Night of the Fox. By Jack Higgins. By the time he published the 1975 blockbuster, The Eagle Has Landed, Higgins had already honed his craft in 35 other novels. His career skyrocketed soon thereafter, as readers and Hollywood studios gobbled up his tales of coldhearted baddies, noble secret operatives, and World War II espionage.

Jack Higgins, master of the modern thriller, teams up with Justin Richards, bestselling author of Dr Who, to deliver .

Jack Higgins, master of the modern thriller, teams up with Justin Richards, bestselling author of Dr Who, to deliver a pulse-pounding new instalment in the adventures of the teenage Chance twins. The past comes back to haunt Sean Dillon and his colleagues, as the New York Times–bestselling master of suspense returns with a knife-edge story of terrorism, revenge, and a very old nemesis.

Learn more about Jack Higgins. Jack Higgins is among the world's most popular authors. Browse Jack Higgins’s best-selling audiobooks and newest titles. Discover more authors you’ll love listening to on Audible. Since the publication of The Eagle Has Landed-one of the biggest-selling thrillers of all time-every novel he has written has become an international bestseller, including The White House Connection and Day of Reckoning.

Piano virtuoso John Mikali’s flair as a musician is matched only by his skill as an assassin. The trail of bodies he’s left in his wake is proof. But when he kills a young woman while fleeing from a murder scene, the woman’s father, a special forces soldier in the British military, vows to avenge his daughter’s death. Now, both men are locked in a deadly game, playing for the ultimate stakes.


It's so easy It's so easy
Whenever I see a Jack Higgins book on the Amazon deals page I snap it up because they are always easy reading thrillers. This one was no exception. While it was written in 1980 it doesn't show signs of age like many others and I have seen similar plot lines in several more modern thrillers.

A psychopathic but artistically gifted killer whose career sends him around the world has found a regular and satisfying source of victims. While the source is politically inspired he is not interested in political gain, only the adrenaline kick of another successful kill. Things start to go wrong when he accidentally kills an innocent young girl in a hit-and-run accident when he is getting away from the scene of another assassination. The girl is the daughter of Asa Morgan, one of England's most dangerous soldiers with a record of violent success in many dangerous flash-points around the world.

Asa vows to avenge the killing himself. Through his contacts he is able to find clues where MI5 and Scotland Yard cannot venture. But the ultimate clue is uncovered through Asa's sheer cunning.

Higgins racks up the drama with an unlikely relationship between Dr. Katherine Riley, a foremost authority on terrorist mentality, and the killer. Riley becomes part of an emotional sandwich when she slowly uncovers the truth from her friendship with Asa.

The finale is high drama and great spy-craft as the Asa, the killer, his source, the MI5, and Katherine meet in a highly charged public performance.

A page-turning and satisfying thriller - well recommended.
Endieyab Endieyab
As a musician who has written a similar novel, Natalie's Revenge (A Frank Renzi mystery), I was eager to read Solo, by Jack Higgins. He's one of my favorite authors and I couldn't resist the piano on the cover. The opposing forces in this dark tale are two men bent on revenge. One is a concert pianist, an unlikely calling for a hit man, but one that provides a perfect cover as he plays concerts in various cities, where he kills people.

His pursuer, a British Intelligence agent described by one of his colleagues as "a right bastard," is determined to capture the man who killed his daughter.

The backgrounds of both men are carefully detailed to reveal their motives. A winsome woman psychologist provides a major complication when she becomes the love interest of both men. The action-packed opening creates the crisis that drives this book to its tense concluding showdown, an ending in which there are no winners. Great action scenes and plenty of plot twists! -- Susan Fleet, author of the Frank Renzi mystery series
Elastic Skunk Elastic Skunk
I rarely read this genre, but I was in the mood for an escape from reality. The fact that the central character is a world class pianist was the primary attraction of this particular book for me. Strangely, the musical aspect of the story turned out to be the biggest obstacle to my suspension of disbelief. The notion that someone, even a very talented musician, could leave music, join the French Foreign Legion, and then return to music without any apparent difficulty is harder to accept that the elements of the thriller that comprises the primary story. The world is well populated by very talented and accomplished musicians. It takes more than talent to become a concert artist of international standing. Once such standing is achieved, it is very easy to lose the audience. Further, the picture of how a concert artist functions was a great stretch. Read this book for the main mystery, but if you are familiar with the world of classical music performance, be prepared to struggle with that aspect of the book.
Damdyagab Damdyagab
I've read numerous books by this author. They are all, like this one, excellent, well written, fast paced, & with well developed characters you begin to actually care about. They are about the perfect length & Higgins focuses on the plot (unlike some famous spy thriller authors that get so swept up in technical specifics, their books become ponderous). His simple bare bones style keeps it moving & keeps you entertained. The only complaint which is one more of the genre than the book, is that like most spy thriller plots, they become predictable.
Kaghma Kaghma
The writing is really good, peeks your interest despite knowing what's probably going to happen. At the end it gives you two zingers you don't expect. Good read
Mataxe Mataxe
Jack Higgins has always been one of my favorite authors. He's up to a different set of tricks with this story. As the story develops, you find yourself feeling that the assassin is the hero of the book, only to find with further reading that he is the villain, and a talented one indeed. You almost wish that the ending would differ, because this piano artist is a likeable guy in many ways. Jack Higgins has the ability to craft this story so that you feel part of it and want to influence the outcome. a good read.
Azago Azago
SPOILERS within:
Unique in a way that's quite unlike any book I've read up until now. Jack Higgins opens the story with what will set the stage for the conflict that will be at the heart of the book and then give the us the readers an intimate bio of the assassin. If done the usual way I would have been rooting for Colonel Morgan to avenge his daughter's death from the beginning, but instead I felt a peculiar attachment and sympathy for the "Crete Lover" John Mikali. This all despite it being said that during the war he fought in he killed women and children and killed somewhat indiscriminately once he became a contract killer. An added wrinkle in the form of Mikali's relationship with a doctor who could have potentially been nothing more than a loose end for him to tie up made me pity him all the more and wish he could have lived despite the lives he took.
I have been a fan of Jack Higgins from the first times I read my first Jack Higgins novel. Never a lot of fluf or padding. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast moving novel with unique plot.