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eBook Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs) ePub

eBook Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs) ePub

by Richard K. Morgan

  • ISBN: 0345457714
  • Category: Thrillers and Suspense
  • Subcategory: Suspense and Obscurity
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Del Rey; 1st, First American Edition, Cover Torn edition (March 2, 2004)
  • Pages: 384
  • ePub book: 1100 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1795 kb
  • Other: txt mbr lrf doc
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 381


I have previously enjoyed reading Morgan's first book in the series, the exciting Altered Carbon, which introduces the Takeshi Kovacs character to the world. In the second book Broken Angels, Morgan puts Kovacs in another compelling and very dangerous situation, while still maintaining the character's unlikeability.

Broken Angels (2003) is a military science fiction novel by British writer Richard Morgan. It is the sequel to Altered Carbon, and is followed by Woken Furies. Approximately 30 years after Altered Carbon, Takeshi Kovacs is now serving in Carrera's Wedge, a mercenary organization that joins a war on a distant planet, Sanction IV, fighting against an nment rebel group. Pilot Jan Schneider recruits Kovacs to help him lay claim to a buried Martian artifact.

, richard k. morgan. For those readers not yet familiar with the universe of Takeshi Kovacs as it appeared in my first novel, Altered Carbon, it’s worth briefly pointing out that the technology of digital personality storage, transmission, and up/downloading makes for some-by our standards-rather strung-out lives. Broken Angels takes place about thirty years after the events of Altered Carbon, but for Kovacs this doesn’t count for much. In the interim he’s been busy-best not to inquire doing what-but when you’re resleeving (changing physical bodies) on a regular basis, the years tend not to show.

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Broken Angels: A Novel – Ebook written by Richard K. Cynical, Takeshi Kovacs, the ex-U. envoy turned private eye, has changed careers, and bodies, once more. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Broken Angels: A Novel. Book 2. Morgan2 March 2004. trading sleuthing for soldiering as a warrior-for-hire, and helping a far-flung planet’s government put down a bloody revolution. But when it comes to taking sides, the only one Kovacs is ever really on is his own.

товар 2 NEW - Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs) by Richard K. Morgan -NEW - Broken Angels: A. .After reading altered carbon which was lent to me by a friend, I started to look for other Richard Morgan books

товар 2 NEW - Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs) by Richard K. Morgan -NEW - Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs) by Richard K. 483,31 RUB. + 304,51 RUB за доставку. After reading altered carbon which was lent to me by a friend, I started to look for other Richard Morgan books. the "corporations" and "nemex" elements are there. Then I read Broken angel and was somehow a bit disappointed.

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Items related to Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs). Morgan Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs). ISBN 13: 9780345457714. Broken Angels: A Novel (Takeshi Kovacs). Morgan is the acclaimed author of The Cold Commands, The Steel Remains, Thirteen, Woken Furies, Market Forces, Broken Angels, and Altered Carbon, a New York Times Notable Book that also won the Philip K. Dick Award in 2003. The movie rights to Altered Carbon were optioned by Joel Silver and Warner Bros on publication, and a film version is currently in development with Mythology Entertainment.

Takeshi Kovacs - 02 - Broken Angels. 56 MB·16 Downloads·Dutch·New!. Encyclopedia of Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Nine Day Novel-Writing Faster: 10K a Day, How to Write a Novel in 9 Days, Structuring Your Novel For Speed (9 Day Novel) (Volume 1). 107 Pages·2015·618 KB·2,178 Downloads·New! ! (updated version!)

Cynical, Takeshi Kovacs, the ex-U.

By Richard K. Dick Award in 200.More about Richard K.

Welcome back to the brash, brutal new world of the twenty-fifth century: where global politics isn’t just for planet Earth anymore; and where death is just a break in the action, thanks to the techno-miracle that can preserve human consciousness and download it into one new body after another. Cynical, quick-on-the-trigger Takeshi Kovacs, the ex-U.N. envoy turned private eye, has changed careers, and bodies, once more . . . trading sleuthing for soldiering as a warrior-for-hire, and helping a far-flung planet’s government put down a bloody revolution.But when it comes to taking sides, the only one Kovacs is ever really on is his own. So when a rogue pilot and a sleazy corporate fat cat offer him a lucrative role in a treacherous treasure hunt, he’s only too happy to go AWOL with a band of resurrected soldiers of fortune. All that stands between them and the ancient alien spacecraft they mean to salvage are a massacred city bathed in deadly radiation, unleashed nanotechnolgy with a million ways to kill, and whatever surprises the highly advanced Martian race may have in store. But armed with his genetically engineered instincts, and his trusty twin Kalashnikovs, Takeshi is ready to take on anything—and let the devil take whoever’s left behind.


Saimath Saimath
This “sequel” to Altered Carbon is about as good as Science Fiction gets. It’s not truly a sequel...rather a carrying on of the life of the main protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, a few decades following the end of Altered Carbon. You don’t need to read Altered Carbon before Broken Angeles, at least for the story line, but you REALLY need to to understand the backstory and general setting of this time period (some 500 years or so from now).

While I thoroughly enjoyed Altered Carbon, it was more like a detective novel set in then future (with very cool changes to technology and society).

But Broken Angels is a true sci-if novel, set light years from Earth and filled with all sorts of great plot twists, alien technology and humans fighting with each other (as is our habit). It’s a great read (and even better listen using Audible). Highly recommended book.
The new streaming TV series rekindled my interest in Altered Carbon (which I read when it was first released) and after re-reading Altered Carbon, I jumped right into Broken Angels (which I never read). Unfortunately, I can't say that Broken Angels holds up as compared to the initial entry in the series. I plowed my way through it, but took effort. Unlike Altered Carbon, the Kovacs character comes across as being unlikeable, and much worse uninteresting. In fact, you get the feeling that he too is just plodding along with story, just like the reader. And unlike Altered Carbon, which had a "noir detective" feel with a "whodunit" element, there was nothing keeping me engaged other than the sheer willpower to say I got to the end. There are also way too many diversions, side steps, and elements that do not contribute to the outcome that just muddy up the story line.
Bort Bort
This one was almost as fun to read as the first in the series. If I could I would give it 4.5 stars.
So, this time it's a little different and it's less of a noir detective story but rather military sci-fi. But I don't mind because I really like military sci-fi as well, if not more. I really loved the familiar character of the kick-ass, hard boiled Takeshi and liked to get to know the new ones as well.
To summarize, this is a great continuation of the previous novel (although I'm quite sure it would be almost as enjoyable for those as well, who haven't read the first book), and I'm certainly not abandoning the series.
Recommended to both military sci-fi and Takeshi Kovacs fans.
Jaiarton Jaiarton
Where Altered Carbon was a violent crime thriller set in a sci-fi futuristic setting, Broken Angels is more instensely sci-fi that happens to come with satisfying helpings of mystery, surprise, character development, existentialism, and of course, large quantities of brutal and explicit violence. I'll let others do the deep dive reviews, but I highly recommend this if you're looking for excellent writing and existential questions about humanity's place in the universe in your sci-fi. Stay away if violence upsets you.

Ps. I hope the new Netflix single season series based on Altered Carbon is just a beachhead for Broken Angels getting it's own run. I would love to see this onscreen.
Macill Macill
World building of superb scope
War has come to an entire planet and few know why. Who is in charge? The Protectorate or the Corporations? What happened to the aliens? Did they leave? Did they have another enemy or were they at war with themselves? How far will government go to cover up there goals?
How cheap is life when you can change body's easily?
Siratius Siratius
I enjoy this as much or more than any other post-modern SyFi than any other of the Greats of this genre. Challenges the mind and instantly engages one in the stories of this triple-tome series, so much so it is difficult to step outside, back into subjective reality. To others this trifecta may suggest Marlowe but even so these conjure up Mongo The Magnificent or Mr. Moto. We all have our penchants and I will have my fun. After all ...
Uttegirazu Uttegirazu
Takeshi Kovacs is at it again, doing his thing using his trained highly enhanced Envoy skills. Great character. But the plot's somewhat convoluted in a way Altered Carbon was not. Still, I was able to stay apace enough to want to keep the book in my hands all the time. Yes, I'm about to download Woken Furies, and that's saying a lot since these books are not cheap. The whole idea of using different bodies as "sleeves" for a person's mind/soul/essence is really intriguing. Let's hope #3 is the best yet.
The only thing that ties this series together is the main character and frankly each book taking place worlds and years apart is a major strength for the series. Unlike Altered Carbon this one is a sci-fi war story instead of a sci-fi detective noir story. Plus we get to learn more about the universe the books take place in, which is always nice.