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eBook Mystery Date (Sweet Valley High) ePub

eBook Mystery Date (Sweet Valley High) ePub

by Francine Pascal

  • ISBN: 0553570730
  • Category: Education and Reference
  • Subcategory: Teens
  • Author: Francine Pascal
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Sweet Valley (January 12, 1998)
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  • Rating: 4.5
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The gym at Sweet Valley High was stuffy, with a faint odor of sweat socks. Elizabeth Wakefield felt hot and sticky from dancing. Her own extracurricular interests centered around Sweet Valley High's student newspaper, the Oracle. Suddenly she felt out of place on the dance floor.

The gym at Sweet Valley High was stuffy, with a faint odor of sweat socks. But when the disc jockey announced a Beach Boys tune, her boyfriend grabbed her hand and yanked her back onto the dance floor. That's silly, she scolded herself.

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Book 1-3. Sweet Valley High: Three Novels: Double Love, Secrets . Book 11. Too Good to be True. Shelve The Dating Game. Sweet Valley High: Three Novels: Double Love, Secrets & Playing with Fire. Shelve Sweet Valley High Collection: All Night Long, Dangerous Love, Dear Sister.

Book 8. Jessica Takes Manhattan. Sweet Valley High Senior Year. 48 primary works, 48 total works.

Sweet Valley High is a series of young adult novels attributed to American author Francine Pascal, who presided over a team of ghostwriters to produce the series. The books chronicle the lives of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, who live in the fictional Sweet Valley, California, a suburb near Los Angeles. The twins and their friends attend Sweet Valley High.

I don't understand it," Jessica Wakefield declared, picking up a "Mystery Sandwich" and dropping it on her tray. Why do school lunches have to look like something from The Twilight Zone?" Her twin sister Elizabeth laughed and reached for a carton of yogurt and an apple.

Dear Sister is a Sweet Valley High book by Francine Pascal. FRANCINE PASCAL is the creator of the Sweet Valley High series and one of the world's most popular fiction writers for teenagers and the author of several best-selling novels

Dear Sister is a Sweet Valley High book by Francine Pascal. FRANCINE PASCAL is the creator of the Sweet Valley High series and one of the world's most popular fiction writers for teenagers and the author of several best-selling novels. As a theater lover and Tony voter, Ms. Pascal is on the Advisory Board of The American Theatre Wing. Библиографические данные. Dear Sister (Sweet Valley High Sweet Valley High (Том 7).

Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales .

Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales franchise, explains how she's gone about following her heroines into adulthood.

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Are Olivia's romantic fantasies about to come true?Lately, Olivia Davidson has felt lonely.  Sweet Valley has a major lack of funky, artistic people like herself.  So she's kept busy chatting with cool, imaginative guys in Internet chat rooms.  One guy in particular could be her perfect match--he's sweet, sincere, and a poet.  Olivia doesn't want to admit it, but she might be falling in love with a guy she's never met!Ken Matthews only uses his Internet account to check football scores and stats.  But when he accidentally links to an artists' chat room, he meets an amazing girl who challenges the creative side he never knew he had.  And speaking of challenges, she wants to meet him in person!  What will happen when she finds out he's really a football jock and not the poet he's been pretending to be?


Mr_Mole Mr_Mole
This book was my favorite SVH book ever! My two most favorite characters, Olivia Davidson and Ken Matthews fall in love over the Internet. You may think, "No big deal," but Olivia and Ken are totally different! Olivia is a painter and a poet who prefers to write or draw (like me, that's why she's my favortie character!)and Ken is a football and sports fanatic. They escape to the Internet and go to a series of chat rooms called Virtual Hangout. Olivia thinks the Internet is more peaceful and simpler than real life because peopel are fighting at SVH about Cliques! Olivia doesn't know where to fit in and Ken is tired of dating cheerleaders. This Sweet Valley story tells of how my very favorite character, Olivia falls in love with Ken, a boy whom she always knew, but never really knew him! I recommend you read all/one of the following: EARTHQUAKE, AFTERSHOCK, LAST WISH, OLIVIA AND ENID'S STORY, THE FOWLER AND PATMANS OF SWEET VALLEY, both WAKEFIELD SAGAS, ELIZABETH'S SECRET DIARIES, PROMISES, TOO HOT TO HANDLE,PARTY WEEKEND, EVIL TWIN, and much, much more!
Agrainel Agrainel
This book is awesome! It is all about Olivia Davidson and Ken Matthews. Olivia loves going in chat rooms and one day Ken arrives, only she doesn't know it is ken. They fall in love over the internet, but they still haven't met. Eventually they do meet, but I won't tell you whay happens! The book also focuses on the cliques at school; such as, the jocks, the brain, and the hippies. This a sweet, romantic book showing that opposites do attract. It is is a must read!!!
Gabar Gabar
SVH jumps belatedly into the 190s with the media craze, love on-line, while returning to its old teen romance format. Along the way, it tries, through massively simplifying the kind of vicious social system of a high school, to make a heavy point about cliques being bad. As always with SVH, subtlety in delivering the moral isn't its best point. Despite this, the gradually developing on-line romance between football star Ken and arty intellectual Olivia is nicely handled, and the characters are likable and amusing.
Arlelond Arlelond
ATTENTION ALL TEENS! This is a Wonderful book! It talks about a girl, Olivia who finds this guy (Ken) on the on-line, and she just knows that they are a perfect match! They keep sending these little notes to each other, and when they finally meet......I don't think I should give it away, like I said, TEENS, you've got to read this!
Brightfury Brightfury
This SVH book was a really great one. I love how Olivia falls in love with Ken. I read this one in one night, because it was so good. Of course I read this after Olivia died and I'd think," She'd never think that in a few months, she'd be gone forever." SVH is like a friend who all teenagers can relate too. I recommend this to anyone. It deals with the Internet and chatrooms ( something we are all familiar of), love, and perhaps an inch of remorse. I also think you should read Picture-Perfect Prom?,Earthquake, Can't Stay Away, and A Night To Remember.
Manona Manona
Before you read what I am saying read the book, waste no precious time and buy it!!! It has the best charecters Olivia and Ken, and if your online 3 hours a week like me (or more, how can you find the time?). You will love it!!!
It is about to people who aren't in the same 'clique' but are destined to hook up. Hook up online that is. They find each other and have little dates together on the web. But when the finally meet do they hit it off?
If you read the book like I asked, you would know. :) Read it already!
Nicanagy Nicanagy
I have read many S.V.H. books, but none have evr hinted towards anything like this happening! I love it!It also has a message about cliques, which teaches us that thought cliques are each different, they are all equal. With a war of cliques going on at Sweet Valley High, Ken and Olivia still manage to work things out. Though the book does not come derectly out and say it, I got the immpression that Ken and Olivia hooked up. They are a wonderful couple who were truely meant for each other!
Like you can see, all the reviews under this are very positive for this book. That's the reason I bought this. I must say that this was great book. Awesome! But this missed something. Something very important. Like action and excitement? Some momets this is boring etc. Now I think that I shouldn't have bought this book, because there is better books in Sweet Valley High. I'll rate this with 4 stars.