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eBook Dangerously Alice ePub

eBook Dangerously Alice ePub

by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

  • ISBN: 0689870957
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  • Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse; Reprint edition (August 5, 2008)
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Phyllis Reynolds Naylor (born January 4, 1933) is an American writer best known for children's and young adult fiction. Naylor is best known for her children's-novel quartet Shiloh (a 1992 Newbery Medal winner) and for her "Alice" book series, one of the most frequently challenged books of the last decade. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor was born in the . She grew up during the Great Depression with her older sister Norma and younger brother John

Alice, I think the best thing you can do at this point is put the test completely out of your mind and watch a movie or something, Sylvia said.

Dangerously alice, . Alice, I think the best thing you can do at this point is put the test completely out of your mind and watch a movie or something, Sylvia said. That test isn’t going to define you for the rest of your life.

Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has written more than 135 books, including the Newbery Award–winning Shiloh and its sequels, the Alice series, Roxie and the Hooligans, and Roxie and the Hooligans at Buzzard’s Roost. She lives in Gaithersburg, Maryland. To hear from Phyllis and find out more about Alice, visit AliceMcKinley. Series: Alice (Book 19).

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. My eye fell on it as soon as I entered my bedroom. It was like the first week of the rest of my life. I could drive the car with friends in it and go wherever I wanted. Well, almost a, I mean

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. Well, almost a, I mean. And, of course, the Snow Ball was Friday night. Just as he’d promised, Dad let me have the car that Monday, and I drove Liz to school, but I could hardly wait for a Girls’ Night Ou. .I asked the others in the cafeteria. Did we decide on a night? asked Liz. Yolanda wants to be in on it too, said Gwen, referring to her friend from.

Book 3. Reluctantly Alice. by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor. You and Me and the Space In Between. It’s Alice’s senior year in high school, and with.

Alice has always tried to be a decent person

Alice has always tried to be a decent person  .

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Alice has always tried to be a decent person. She gets good grades, comes home on time, and has never really given her dad and her stepmom any reason to worry. But now that junior year of high school has started, Alice is a little sick of people assuming she's a goody-goody, so she decides to start shaking things up. First there are the dates with Tony, a cute senior who's a lot more experienced than Alice. Then the fights with her stepmom about the new cat, the car, and everything else start. But when Alice sneaks off to a party that her parents don't know about and a near-tragedy follows, she starts to realize every choice has a consequence, and danger rarely leads to good ones.

Funny, realistic, and always provocative, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor does it again, proving that she understands what real girls think and feel, with this twenty-second book in the beloved Alice series.


Jaberini Jaberini
Dangerously Alice is the most exciting book in the Alice series so far. There is a lot of action in this book, and I found myself squealing aloud at many parts.

This is definitely an adult Alice book. This novel features sex (at times described rather graphically), among other hot button topics. Alice encounters some serious, legitimately dangerous problems. Now that she is so much older, the funny sex jokes that came from her naïveté no longer work, which was a little sad for me. Another thing of note is that the book refrains from explaining why Alice's father and brother call her Al.

The overall theme of this installment is change. Alice ponders who she really is, and has a role crisis. On one hand, she is a usually responsible teenager, but things happen that put her out of her comfort zone.

Probably the most well-developed relationship in the entire series is the one Alice has with her brother, Lester. Thus, I was pleased that Naylor decided to have Alice and Sylvia begin to argue. Ever since Sylvia married Alice's father, the two never made waves. While this was nice, I still felt it to be a shallow, incomplete relationship. However, one the arguing begins, we get to see Sylvia in a new light, one that makes her character just a little more complex.

"On Impulse" is either the funniest or most inappropriate chapter. Construction workers start renovating the house, which Naylor perhaps cleverly added into the book as a metaphor for Alice's changing perspective.
Unsoo Unsoo
My daughter has been reading all the 'Alice' books in order in this series. She has enjoyed them but hasn't read this one yet. I read it first and was surprised at the explicit sexual occurrences and language. She is only 12 and I told her she can read this book if she'd like but with my supervision because I'm sure she'll have questions.
Tane Tane
I love it! !! It's a great book for teenagers and it is really intriguing, makes you want to read the whole series!!!!!
Arashilkis Arashilkis
In the latest installment of Naylor's Alice series, Alice finally goes into the "teen rebel" mode that every adolescent experiences in one way or another. This book finds her riding a motorcycle with a stranger (and without a helmet!) during school hours, going the furthest sexually that she's ever gone with a boy, and having her first real fight with her stepmother, Sylvia.

Usually, Naylor really hits the mark when it comes to putting herself into the head of a teenaged girl -- however, I believe that in this book, she's hit her first major stumble. For one thing, Alice is far more self-aware than any teen I've ever known. During her fight with Sylvia, she realizes how unreasonable she's being, and she apologizes almost immediately. During the motorcycle ride, she keeps thinking how stupid it is to have accepted the ride, instead of just hanging on and enjoying it. I believe 16-year-old girls are perfectly capable of self-awareness, but I also know from personal experience that extreme selfishness trumps all of that in the teenaged mind. When I was 16, I always thought I was right when I started fights with my mother, and it usually didn't occur to me until long afterward when I made a poor, or dangerous decision. This is the same behavior I've observed in other teens even as I grew older. (I'm 24 now.) It would have been nice to see this kind of self-righteousness in Alice, but it seems that Naylor has put the task of teaching her readers a bunch of heavy-handed lessons ahead of accurately portraying the thoughts and feelings of a teenaged girl. She even stumbles with Alice's vocabulary. I have never known a 16-year-old, no matter how advanced they are academically, to use the word "shall" in casual conversation.

However, I don't think these lessons (which include the dangers of driving under the influence and the importance of having feelings for the person you have sex with for the first time) are so overbearing that they distract from the story. I suspect that most readers will be too young to realize they're being taught something as they read, and I generally agree with most of the points Naylor is making. And then, there's the ending. The final few pages of this book put a gigantic smile on my face, a smile of pure happiness for Alice. It's definitely the best ending to any of the books in this series so far, and it went a long way towards redeeming the book for me.

I know I'm much too old to really be considered part of the core audience for these books. I started reading them when I was the same age as Alice, but I grew up faster than Naylor could write, apparently! :-) Nevertheless, I can't stop myself from taking my annual peek inside this girl's life, just to see how it's treating her. So far, Alice is faring quite well indeed, and I will eagerly anticipate the next book in this series.
Ghile Ghile
Now 16, Alice McKinley is struggling to balance all the many areas of her life - the endless demands of increasingly difficult school courses, a home life sometimes rife with turmoil with her dad and new stepmom, and a social life where her classmates are taking part in increasingly dangerous activities. Although she has her moments, Alice generally feels she's doing okay.

Then one day, Alice learns that two of her classmates have dubbed her Miss Goody Two-Shoes behind her back. Although part of her knows that Jill and Karen don't really matter, Alice can't help the alarm that the rest of her feels. She wonders if she really *is* too boring and good, and longs to change her image before it's too late.

Yet as Alice also begins to see, people who take part in dangerous behaviors must also pay the consequences from time to time -- and unlike when you're a kid, sometimes the consequences can be irrevocable.

Longtime readers will be glad to keep up with the latest episodes of Alice's life, as well as the lives of other secondary characters, such as Alice's cousin Carol and her older brother Lester, who also make appearances in this book.

Despite being the 22nd book in the Alice series, this book is just as fresh and intriguing as all the others prior. The voice of Alice, as always, rings true to the dilemmas and feelings of a young girl struggling to find her place in a confusing adult world.