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eBook Magic Can Be Murder ePub

eBook Magic Can Be Murder ePub

by Vivian Vande Velde

  • ISBN: 0152026657
  • Category: Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Subcategory: Teens
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Harcourt Children's Books; First Edition edition (September 1, 2000)
  • Pages: 197
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 234


But that was the only magic she worked. She never, ever, changed her appearance, because ir was exhausting work to keep a magically created form, and glamours always disappeared when the caster fell asleep.

But that was the only magic she worked. She couldn't risk being found out. With all Nola learned, life should have gotten easier. But over the years, Nola's mother began co make less and less sense. For Nola's mother heard voices inside her head, and as time passed the voices became louder, and more varied, and more argumentative.

Author : Vivian Vande Velde. The two of them evade the authorities by traveling from town to town, taking odd jobs and moving on-until the day Nola magically witnesses a murder. Genres : Fantasy, Young Adult. Series : Published : 2000. List Chapter or Page: 1. Page 1. 2. Page 2. 3. Page 3. 4. Page 4. 5. Page 5.

VOYA Vande Velde’s offering throws murder, witchcraft, and romance into the brew. The well-developed characters provide entertaining reading. School Library Journal Fun and suspense for readers. Publishers Weekly The story moves from a witch’s tale of many spells, to a murder mystery, and finally, a love story. Amusing, light reading. Kliatt An entertaining fantasy for any reader.

dentally strayed off the path and stepped calf-deep into a cold stream, making one bad decision after another. Her legs wobbling under her. It would be safer, she told herself, to rest during the darkest part of che night

Vivian Vande Velde has written many books for teen and middle grade readers, including Heir Apparent, User . Such a fun (and totally cute) read. there is no specified location or time but one gets the feeling of feudal Europe.

Vivian Vande Velde has written many books for teen and middle grade readers, including Heir Apparent, User Unfriendly, All Hallow's Eve: 13 Stories, Three Good Deeds, Now You See I. and the Edgar Award–winning Never Trust a Dead Man. She lives in Rochester, New York. because they are in fact, witches.

I love Vivian Vande Velde, but I would not consider this book to be on the same level as her other works. It fell a little flat for me. The main character brings all of her troubles on herself- instead of enjoying the story, I just kept thinking that Nola was being silly and that none of it was necessary. This witch usually has a broom, spell book, and a big spell pot. However, in the book Magic Can Be Murder, by Vivian Vande Velde, I liked how the two witches are nothing like that.

Vivian Vande Velde Books. IRA-CBC Children's Choice: Magic Can Be Murder. IRA Young Adults' Choice: Being Dead Curses, Inc. and Other Stories Tales from the Brothers Grimm and the Sisters Weird There's a Dead Person Following My Sister Around

Vivian Vande Velde (born 1951) is an American writer of fiction for children and young adults. Vivian Vande Velde was born in Rochester, New York, United States.

Vivian Vande Velde (born 1951) is an American writer of fiction for children and young adults. She began writing at age 28, the year her daughter was born, and has been publishing relatively consistently since. She resides in Rochester. She is involved in multiple circles/groups of young writers in the Rochester area, along with authors such as Bruce Coville and Cynthia DeFelice.

Introduce Rowling fans to Vande Velde, and watch them make magic. The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books Vande Velde has produced a winner in this fantasy mystery. will not be disappointed in this funny and charming story, which will attract mystery and romance lovers as well. VOYA Vande Velde’s offering throws murder, witchcraft, and romance into the brew. Publishers Weekly The story moves from a witch’s tale of many spells,.

Nola's not much of a witch--she can work only a few useless spells, like the one that lets her spy on people. But there's no spell for keeping her crazy mother--who hears voices and is a magnet for witch-hunters--out of trouble. The two flee from town to town until the day Nola magically witnesses a murder. Which is bad enough, but worse is that the murderer may frame Nola and her mother for the crime. And then no amount of magic will save her.And you think your teenage years are tough. . . .


Brajind Brajind
I love Velde's books, and how the romance in them is subtle and not always exactly there. This story was great as well. Nora kept making mistakes, but they were mistakes anyone in her shoes might have made, and that made it even more realistic. She did try her best to clear up her mistakes though, despite everything going against her to do so.
Gaudiker Gaudiker
Really liked it! Worried that it might be creepy, but it wasn't at all. It was actually pretty funny and entertaining - quite heartwarming. I'd put this book on Vivian's lighter side of books rather than the serious ones.
bass bass
Love this story, thanks!
Macill Macill
This work is an old favorite, and I liked it enough to purchase both the paperback and kindle ebook versions. I'm really surprised by the poor quality of the kindle version, though: you can't skim through a page without stumbling over a land mine of spelling errors. Whatever OCR software was used seems especially confused by "t"s and "c"s, resulting in common sightings of "co," "cell," and "chat" in place of "to," "tell," and "that." At least it has chapter markers.
cyrexoff cyrexoff
There were so many errors in the kindle version it was jarring. A lot of T's were replaced with C's for some reason. Also imo this book would've been more appropriate if it was in a compilation of short stories. It was alright.
Cesar Cesar
Nola and her mother travel from town to town doing odd jobs and always moving on to the next town before anyone suspects that they're witches. When their previous employer is murdered in his home, Nola realizes to her horror that she had left a scrying spell running in the basement of the house.

Nola sneaks into the house disguised as Brinna the maidservant to end the spell before the duke's men discover it. Will Nola be able to fool everyone into thinking she is Brinna? Will she be able to end the spell before the duke's men search the basement? Will she get arrested for the murder, either as Nola or as Brinna? And when will the real Brinna finish the market shopping and return back home?
Tar Tar
I liked Nola, she wasn’t like either of the stereotypical types of witches you usually find in young adult books. She wasn’t the old, ugly crone covered in warts. And she wasn’t a breathtakingly beautiful young girl. She is young, but she’s plain, more ordinary looking. She’s kind, and well-meaning, but always manages to get herself into trouble.

You get a glimpse of this in the beginning of the book. When she was five, she shows a friend the ‘bucket spell’, which is filling a bucket of water, saying some words, and dropping in a single hair. Anyone looking into the water after that, can see what the person who’s hair was used is doing, at least until the hair is removed, or the bucket dumped. She didn’t understand it was witchcraft, she thought everyone could do it. And thus, the first time they had to run from a village is shown to you.

She tells a lot of lies to protect herself and her mother, and she makes a number of seemingly foolish mistakes. But along the way she learns needed lessons, like not everyone who is kind is good, and those that matter won’t care that she’s a witch. Over-all, I liked this book. It made me do the ‘oh please let x-thing happen’ towards the end. (Trying not to do spoilers here, sorry!)

If you like mystery, and magic, and quick fun reads, I would recommend picking up this book.

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Such a fun (and totally cute) read. Magic Can Be Murder harkens back to yesteryear...there is no specified location or time but one gets the feeling of feudal Europe. In this story we meet Nola and her mother who are constantly moving from place to place to hide their special abilities....because they are in fact, witches. They travel from place to place seeking a bit of work for some food and shelter but at each stop, something seems to go slightly wrong and forces them quickly along to a new place. We are drawn into a feeling of connection to and an appreciation of these characters as we learn a bit about Nola and her mother's backgrounds. Now 17, Nola had a sad and lonely childhood where she could never really connect with or relate to her friends because what was normal for her (magic) was alien to them and dangerous for both her and her mother should anyone find out. Complicating things are all of the "voices" her mother listens to in her head. As we join the story, Nola and her mother are working in the hot sun, picking berries for a farmer in Low Beck. A simple (if backbreaking) job; unfortunately the farmer has more in mind for Nola than paying her a days wages for picking berries...and thus begins their most recent round of fleeing the area. Not long after they run from the farmer they come to a Silversmiths house and there Brinna the maid needs extra help in preparation for the Silversmith's upcoming wedding.

What seems like a stroke of good luck (several days work, food and a decent room for a few days) quickly becomes something much more than they bargained for when the silversmith becomes angry with them and they must flee again. Later, when they've settled in for work at an inn (which strangely suits both of them) Nola sees the silversmith murdered whilst scrying to see if her previous spell is still working (they had to leave so fast it she left the hair in the water). Worried that they will be discovered, Nola concocts a plan to return and undo the spell still in place at the smith's house...a plan that leads to one bad turn after another for her. How will she ever get out of this mess and back to her mother? Read and find'll be enchanted, I'm sure.

Mostly Magic Can Be Murder is a mystery with a bit of a witchy twist and just a touch of happily-ever-after romance thrown in. It's a fairly simple and straight-forward story of two women barely scraping by in life, moving from place to place trying to hide natural witch talents and those talents are both a boon and a burden in the story. I loved the authors use of scrying and glamour...both served to move the story along without having to put in too much explanation (if the main character can see what's happening elsewhere that makes moving the story along much easier) both abilities also provide humor in what might quickly become a tedious and depressing tale. I give Magic Can be Murder four's highly readable, just perfect for the 9-12 year old range! Heck, even I found it quite entertaining (and I'm 35).