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eBook Groovy Map 'n' Guide Cambodia ePub

eBook Groovy Map 'n' Guide Cambodia ePub

by Aaron Frankel,Groovy Map

  • ISBN: 9745251356
  • Category: Asia
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  • Author: Aaron Frankel,Groovy Map
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Groovy Map; 1 edition (September 1, 2011)
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Groovy Map n Guide Cambodia book.

Aaron Frankel has written about cities throughout SE Asia for over a decade. The Groovy Map series are insightful, colorful, irreverent but always useful, travel guides for cities in South East Asia.

Only 12 left in stock (more on the way). Aaron Frankel has written about cities throughout SE Asia for over a decade.

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Groovy Map n Guide Hong Kong (2012), Aaron Frankel, Used; Good Book. Binding: Map. Condition: Good. Publish Date: 15/02/2012. Показать все. О товаре. Доставка, возврат и платежи. Состояние товара: Хорошее состояние. 974,95 RUB. + доставка: 208,17 RUB. EUR 14,05. Участник с большим опытом. Наиболее популярные в Научная литература.

aaron frankel, intrepid explorer is the producer of the Groovy Map series of maps and guides. Raised in Bangkok, he started a career in advertising and twisted balloons for a living before the call of travel and cartography took over his life.

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Groovy Map 'n' Guide, Bangkok, Thailand. Went along on the National Museum Volunteers (Bangkok) trip thru Thonburi, led my Mom (Aaron's mother), and enjoyed the sojourn thru Bangkok's history. Since 1999, we've served "Fun Mapped Out!™" Groovy Map'nGuides to a million travelers. It was also a real bargain for 500 Baht including admission, river transport, and Thai iced coffee stop! Was happy to see that our river maps, pier signage, that Groovy Map co did for the Harbour department was still being used. Got paid a pittance but what value is there on pride!!? ;) +13. Groovy Map 'n' Guide.

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Welcome to the first edition of Groovy Cambodia with everything listed and reviewed in a double-sided map and text format. Phnom Penh and Siem Reap are both cities on the move, welcoming an influx of visitors eager to discover this unique culture and the wild west vibrancy that still pervades. Check out old colonial buildings, local markets, tuk tuks, ruins and temples, alongside lush boulevards and the sleepy rivers. Go for a bike ride and explore more! We give you the total low-down on how best to spend a day or three. We also give you our 'Groovy Day' a linked column covering what we'd do in 24hrs if money were no object and we had the stamina of a teenager. Maps: Greater Cambodia area, Phnom Penh, downtown area, Siem Reap, downtown area, Angkor Wat area, plus street indexes and updated with completely new maps fonts, coloring -- less contrast, bigger and better for older eyes!


Jockahougu Jockahougu
Why would anyone write the names of places in red on a pink background? It's completely unreadable -- an ungroovy In fact, why would anyone use a pink background for a city map? The street numbers are incredibly tiny and unreadable, and even major intersections and landmarks -- Independence Monument -- are almost impossible to find They apparently saved a lot on the graphic design, because while there is some good text descriptions, the map itself is almost useless. Save your money.
Larosa Larosa
I own several of Aaron Frankel's maps. They're not only good maps, but also clever and humorous. Granted, Aaron is a middle aged male and so am I, but no matter what your age or gender, if you don't take yourself too seriously, this Cambodia map will get you around Siem Reap and Phnom Penh without issues.
Beanisend Beanisend
I love the example of a day's agenda! Great for someone who doesn't want to plan every step in advance!
Celace Celace
I didn't find the map very useful. There are a number of locally produced maps and city guides that I found to be much more useful than this one. I found the quality of the map to be good. As with most maps, including the ones in the popular guidebooks, they are no better than the ones that can be found at most guesthouses when you are in a larger city.
Kulalas Kulalas
Well made and very useful map.