» » Clueless In Tokyo: Explorer's Sketchbook Of Weird And Wonderful Things In Japan
eBook Clueless In Tokyo: Explorer's Sketchbook Of Weird And Wonderful Things In Japan ePub

eBook Clueless In Tokyo: Explorer's Sketchbook Of Weird And Wonderful Things In Japan ePub

by Betty Reynolds

  • ISBN: 0834803860
  • Category: Asia
  • Subcategory: Travels
  • Author: Betty Reynolds
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Weatherhill; 1st edition (March 1, 1997)
  • Pages: 48
  • ePub book: 1632 kb
  • Fb2 book: 1677 kb
  • Other: rtf doc mbr lrf
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 806


During this time, she discovered Japanese fashion, sports, food, festivals, and even talking appliances. -Travel Life magazine. It's a fun little book with lively and brightly colored stretches of nearly every aspect of Japanese daily life and tradition.

Clueless in Tokyo book. During the seven years Reynolds lived in Japan, she filled thirty sketchbooks with everything that caught her eye. Some people take photos, but artist Betty Reynolds captures memories with her paintbrush and watercolors.


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A perfect introduction to Japan and Japanese culture, this illustrated culture and travel guide contains loads of original drawings as well as the Japanese script for key words and phrases. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read.

Publisher: Tuttle Publishing 2014-09-16 Publication Date: 2014 Binding: Paperback Book Condition: Fine. 1. Clueless in Tokyo: An Explorer's Sketchbook of Weird and Wonderful Things in Japan. Published by Tuttle Publishing.

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item 4 Clueless in Tokyo, Reynolds, Betty -Clueless in Tokyo, Reynolds, Betty. Also if you like this author she has gone on to do a further clueless in Tokyo, and a shushi guide!

item 4 Clueless in Tokyo, Reynolds, Betty -Clueless in Tokyo, Reynolds, Betty. Also if you like this author she has gone on to do a further clueless in Tokyo, and a shushi guide! Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. Best-selling in Non-Fiction. See all. Current slide {CURRENT SLIDE} of {TOTAL SLIDES}- Best-selling in Non-Fiction. Mrs Hinch: The Activity Journal (2019, Hardback).

Some people take photos, but artist Betty Reynolds captures memories with her paintbrush and watercolors.

<a name="08348038605000"> </a> This delightful sketchbook presents a uniquely insightful take on the bemusement and amusement that are the inevitable reactions of the Westerner confronting Japan for the first time. Still unwilling to allow Japan's mysteries to exclude her, the author-artist illustrates her further adventures into the true meaning of the unfamiliar happenings around her, and turns culture shock into humorous appreciation. The resulting sketchbook is an excellent, user-friendly primer for anyone contemplating travel to Japan or engaged in Japanese language studies.


Avarm Avarm
We gave this to our 11 year old who has mild aspergers and is currently obsessed with Japan, Japanese, the people, the cities, the movies, the language, food - everything!

This book was perfect for her. She has been pouring over the pages offering me trivia questions, showing me new words, etc. I don't know what the target age is for this, but I can say as an adult, I really enjoy reading and as a mother to a Japanophile, we both think it's great. We'll surely dind it useful when planning our trip to Japan.
Axebourne Axebourne
This book is a waste of money and I was completely disappointed. I thought I would get tips that would help me around and help me with daily things (simple stuff like there are no public trash cans in Tokyo - always bring a plastic bag for your own trash!), however this book only has useless tips.
Runehammer Runehammer
I discovered this book while shopping on Amazon for children's nonfiction picture books about Japan and Japanese culture. It was included by Amazon in with children's books in the preview of "people who bought this book also bought these books". (I had trouble finding in-print nonfiction books for children about Japanese culture.)

Betty Reynolds is a children's book author and illustrator, who has some books about Japanese culture published for children aged 4-8. However this is NOT a children's book, I realized after reading it.

I purchased the book from Amazon, sight unseen, with the intention of reading it to my children. When it arrived I saw that it looked like a children's book due to the size of the book being a common size of children's picture books and the page count (48 pages) and because it has lively illustrations and simple text so much like nonfiction children's books on the market. But what this is, is an artist's sketchbook and travel journal written by an adult for adults. It is about the author's travels to Japan and the things she noticed that are unique or very different from Japan.

Our family was preparing to accept a Japanese foreign exchange student into our home and my kids were excited. Unfortunately my son, age ten, asked that we sit and read it together as soon as it was delivered. I had no clue that there might be something problematic in the book. It is fine for kids except for three entries that I discovered `too late' while reading the book alongside my older son. Here are the issues. One spread features vending machines selling unusual things (compared to American vending machines). One item is "schoolgirls used panties". I didn't quite know how to discuss that with my son so after we exchanged odd looks I flipped the page and moved on. Another entry shows a woman wearing a bra that looks like naked breasts that holds "generous servings of body warmed sake", okey-dokey. The last mature themed item is a man holding a sign to advertise sex shows.

From an adult's perspective I can say I did enjoy this book overall. I also love to read artist's journals and travel journal books and travel sketch books. If you are an adult and enjoy travel books and artists sketch books you will like this. The illustrations are done in bright watercolor paints (just like the cover illustration). I enjoyed reading the author's thoughts as well, they were entertaining and interesting.

I am rating the book based on what it is: a travel book, an artist's sketchbook, the genre is nonfiction and it is for adults, so I am giving it 5 stars.

However a main reason I'm writing this review is to underscore that although this author writes and illustrates picture books for children aged 4-8 this book is NOT A CHILDREN'S BOOK. If she had left out those three adult themed items this would be also GREAT for kids to read to themselves or have read aloud to them.

If you enjoyed or think you will enjoy this book, Reynolds has written a second book "Still Clueless in Tokyo".
Raelin Raelin
I bought this after seeing it in a bookstore in Japan. It's a nice reminder of my family's recent trip and something that I hope my daughter will be able to read and bring back her memories of the trip in the future. The drawings are colorful and cute. It's just a really fun book. :)
Duktilar Duktilar
Betty Reynolds' fun and quirky drawings elicit a smile every time! The aspects of Japanese culture that she picks out, too, remind me of what I found puzzling and so attractive when I first moved to Japan. For anyone who has lived in Japan, will live in Japan or just loves the country--this is a great book that brings out those "I love Japan" feelings.
Cordabor Cordabor
Cute illustrations and some useful Japanese words make this an enjoyable book to read but I finished it in 10 minutes so don't expect anything more than an amusing introduction to some of the unusual things a visitor would encounter. When I go to Tokyo I will bring this with me for some light reading on the plane.
It is a clever idea though and a good supplememt to some of the drier guidebooks out there.
Xlisiahal Xlisiahal
A clever and imaginative way to enable the "clueless" such as myself, to feel at home with what could otherwise be a visual maze of cultural information.
Using her own skills as a painter adds a very personal touch to what could easily have been a dryly written dictionary of Japanese cultural symbols.
Cute but silly intro to the cultural differences between East and West. I'll be donating my copy to the library.