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eBook Shereen Travels Cheap ePub

by Nancy Jennings,Shereen Rayle

  • ISBN: 0615508448
  • Category: Specialty Travel
  • Subcategory: Travels
  • Author: Nancy Jennings,Shereen Rayle
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Squircle Publishing (October 5, 2011)
  • Pages: 208
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  • Fb2 book: 1628 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 936


Shereen Rayle loves planning a trip almost as much as taking the trip itself.

Shereen Rayle loves planning a trip almost as much as taking the trip itself.

Shereen Rayle is a budget travel writer and blogger and author of the book Shereen Travels Cheap. And she loves planning travel almost as much as taking the actual trip. Shereen loves to travel.

Shereen Travels Cheap book. Shereen Rayle is a budget travel writer and blogger and author of the book Shereen Travels Cheap.

Shereen Travels Cheap - Shereen Rayle.

Shereen Travels Cheap. About me + Shereen Travels Cheap. Budget traveler + blogger + freelance writer + dog lover + Potterhead + aspiring foodie. ww. hereenTravelsCheap.

Shereen Travels Cheap is readable, useful and inspiring whether you are a seasoned or novice traveler, no matter which country you are traveling from. This isn’t another book that tells you where to go and why to go there. This is more of a how-to book about getting the most vacation with the money you have to spend to the places you want to go. From flights to hotels to dining and entertainment, Shereen gives you the tools you need to plan the vacations of your dreams and do more for less money.

In this blog series I show you how easy it is to budget travel anywhere and I also give you a quick overview of a new city each time in a brief 48-hour itinerary. Hey guys! I'm back with a new post.

Disclosure Statement. In this blog series I show you how easy it is to budget travel anywhere and I also give you a quick overview of a new city each time in a brief 48-hour itinerary.

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All the practicality of a Rick Steves travel guide, but way more fun to read!

Are there places you want to go but never do because you think you can’t afford the travel costs? Do you plan your vacations on a budget, but find that your budget doesn’t get you very far from home? Shereen Travels Cheap was written for you!

From flights to hotels to dining and entertainment, this entertaining book will teach you how to plan the vacations you have always dreamed of taking, but for a lot less money than you ever thought you would spend. You will discover hidden gems – items and websites that are not in the mainstream but are exceptional at what they do – and learn hundreds of common-sense but rarely considered tips for packing, dining, traveling with children and multitasking items.

Using a combination of proven tips and techniques and the best the Internet has to offer, Shereen shows you how a little effort can reap big savings and allows you to do more on your trips!

What others are saying about Shereen Travels Cheap: “From those new to travel, to the experienced jet-setter, Shereen Travels Cheap is packed full of extremely useful tips for every type of travel, and every step along the way, that the reader is bound to come away with numerous ways to both save money and enhance their travel experience. It is a solid reference book that I will be using, and recommending to others, for whenever a trip is being planned.” – Paul Shrater, Co-Founder, "Travel tips that read like a book - you can't beat that! Shereen expands on tips she shares on her blog, includes stories of personal experiences, and lists websites that offer awesome deals. The information is easily organized so you can flip to whatever section you need, but it is also a great book to read straight through - something you wouldn't expect from a book of travel tips! Highly recommended to use for everything from long-term trips to weekend getaways." – Allison Renner, Travel (and book) Blogger Awards:e-Book Cover Design Award Winner for December 2011 in Nonfiction


Naa Naa
I love her straightforward, no-nonsense advice. the book is also easy to read and well organized.
Cordann Cordann
I loved the easy to read layout of this book. There were several tips and tricks that the author presented that I hadn't thought of before. I'd like to think that I'm pretty "shop savvy" but the author has so many sources in one spot that it's hard not to recommend this book. I will definitely be using this as my "go to" book when planning my next vacation. There is just too much information in there to try to do it on my own. Whether you need help planning the vacation, or just some tips on how to pack lighter to avoid baggage fees, this book has it all. I recommend this book to anyone that is planning any sort of trip :)
Risteacor Risteacor
Dense with information and completely thorough, Shereen Travels Cheap compiles a huge range of useful budgeting travel tips. Even though I have traveled extensively, many of the tips and recommended sites were new to me! Her guide covers the insider tips I never knew I needed and is the first place to start when planning a budget vacation where you hope to get a lot of bang for your buck.
Goldfury Goldfury
I consider myself to be a pretty money-savvy traveler and this book has helped even me cut travel costs without compromising comfort or quality. One of the best things about the book is that so many of the tips offered don't just apply to frugal traveling, they apply to frugal living.

This book goes beyond suggesting the obvious high-traffic websites and instead gives the reader experience-based guidance that mainstream travel sites just don't offer.

This is a handy travel reference that puts all of my dream destinations within reach.

Well written and fun to read.
Barit Barit
Having a blog with a great deal of page hits doesn't make someone a writer. If you don't know what I'm talking about then read this book.

If I wanted to read something this boring, I'd minor in cultural anthropology again and fill my shelves with ethnographies (anthropologists aren't exceptional writers either). Here's an example. Shereen suggests that has "great travel specials." Please stop insulting the intelligence of your readers, and at least use a thesaurus.
Whitestone Whitestone
I'm already a pretty cheap traveler (so many sofas! so many dicey hostels!) and even I learned a thing or two from this book! Shereen makes travel cheap without making it uncomfortable or intimidating.
Groll Groll
"Shereen Travels Cheap" is one of the best travel books I've ever read. In fact if I was to pick one book that would save you money when you travel this would be it. Shereen Rayle has a lot of creative ideas. I especially liked her clever ideas on how to get free plane tickets. There is also great advice for doing laundry which will save you time. Some essential information is included about how you should notify your bank that you will be traveling. The last thing you want is your bank cutting you off from your cash. I also thought that the idea of getting an Entertainment book for the city you will be traveling to is an excellent idea.

What is the best site online for cruise information?
Why is Wednesday the best day to fly?
How can you get a bigger room at a lower price?

Shereen answers lots of questions and gives excellent tips on everything from car rentals to how to survive traveling with a baby. There is lots of information on how to keep your kids entertained while waiting in lines or while driving around.

Shereen Rayle has really done her research and is an experienced traveler who knows how to get the best deals. She also knows about cool apps for your phone that translate what you need to say into 51 languages. There is also one that helps you read menus. If you don't know the language of the country you are traveling in these apps could be lifesaving. The information on how to turn off certain features of your phone to save a lot of money seem essential. Also there is a special website that helps you figure out how to call home from a foreign country. Great stuff!

To finish the book there is a long list of helpful websites to guide you to the best vacation you've ever had. Well at least you will be well prepared and have all the information you need to have a hassle-free vacation. If you love to travel and want to save a lot of money this is the book you want to read sooner than later! While this is fun to read on a Kindle it would be better to have a paperback so you can go back and forth between chapters more easily. This book is filled with great website information that you will want to refer back to as you plan a trip.

~The Rebecca Review

I received a free electronic copy of this book for review. This review is my honest opinion. I really loved this book and think you will too.
I travel a moderate amount, but because it is so expensive, I tend to do a few big trips rather than lots of small trips per year. There ARE tons of ways to make the cost of travel more manageable and this book succeeded in giving the reader lots of valid useful information. I already used many of the tactics since I was forced to learn about them little by little over the years if I ever wanted to be able to afford to go anywhere. The author has put years of experience into this book so anyone, with a little effort can get the most vacation bang for their buck. I even got a few new ideas so there is absolutely something even the most seasoned traveler will take away from reading this book.