» » The Complete Road Atlas Of Ireland (Irish Maps, Atlases Guides)
eBook The Complete Road Atlas Of Ireland (Irish Maps, Atlases  Guides) ePub

eBook The Complete Road Atlas Of Ireland (Irish Maps, Atlases Guides) ePub

by Ordnance Survey Ireland

  • ISBN: 1903974704
  • Subcategory: Travels
  • Author: Ordnance Survey Ireland
  • Language: English
  • Publisher: Ordnance Survey of Ireland (January 1, 2004)
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Fenrikasa Fenrikasa
Bought for a trip to Ireland. It was useless!! It does not contain enough street names. We ditched it almost immediately and paid AT&T $10 a day for directions. We would have been up a creek without that option. Don’t waste your money on this map.
Early Waffle Early Waffle
Yes - it is an electronic world, and you're planning on a gps. But electronics fail, signals are lost, and there's always a chance that you've been given an out-of-date gps unit. In the end, the one thing you know you can absolutely count on is the good ol' Hardcopy Atlas.

There are other atlases, of course; but this is Ordinance Survey. This is the official government-made, government researched map of the country. They've been doing this, in one form or another, since 1824. I'm not sure what another company could possibly offer that would trump those credentials.

So, go on - bite the bullet, and do the smart thing. Buy it. Then scribble all over it - plan your route, plan your alternate routes, highlight your points of interest. Use it as the basis for plotting your gps waypoints. Take it with you, and use it when your GPS can't get signal under Irish cloudcover, or when it insists you need to drive your car off the cliffs of Moher in order to get to Kilkennny.

I also suggest - highly - that you annotate the book on the road. Draw a sheep in the middle of the r230, where you were blocked by the mutton standing in the road. Point to That road, then remind yourself - "McGhee said to look for this turnoff. And ignore it." Your map is the most direct reminder of your roadtrip - make it mean something. It's a souvenir waiting to be filled in.

Lets see you do THAT with a GPS...
Scoreboard Bleeding Scoreboard Bleeding
Was told by a friend who purchased this book a couple of years ago that it was the map book to have to travel around Ireland. The book we got was 6 years old, and it does not have good markings for the routes. Another friend has a 6 year old AA Atlas of Ireland, and its' markings are so much better (2ond edition), so I have ordered a newer 5th edition of the AA Atlas. The book I bought covers everything, but it is hard to find the routes on main roads.
Jerdodov Jerdodov
The book is some what out of date but was handy for pre-trip planning. There were several roads we found on Google Map that do not appear in this book leading us to believe it's out of date. We're going to Ireland in a couple months and will not be packing this book. I was originally hoping the grid lines were referenced back to LAT/LON so I could calculate position information for my GPS. The grid is only for locating towns found in the index..
Iaran Iaran
It was a good book to use in Ireland, as the spiral bound worked great. BUT... I did not realize I was buying a 1998 version! That caused a lot of problems especially around cities where the route I chose wasn't there anymore, and bigger highways had been built. We spent an hour wandering around south Dublin trying to get to our hotel because my MapQuest printout didn't match the roads on this road atlas.
Akta Akta
What looked like a great map served us rather poorly. It took us hours to locate something that should have taken 20 minutes, according to the map and host. Next time just get a map on entry to the country.
Bev Bev
Very handy backstopping Tom Tom GPS on our trip around the island.
Took my lovely bride to Ireland for our 21st wedding anniversary. We took two books with us - Rick Steve's guide and this atlas. both were indispensable. Many towns in Ireland have similar sounding names and highways in the American sense are almost non-existent. With the Atlas and a GPS, we were able to circumnavigate the island in just over two weeks hitting every place we wanted to go and some places we didn't realize we wanted to go until we got there.

GPS uses coordinates instead of addresses like here in the states - this book allows you to figure out the coordinate of a place you might want to go off the beaten path or guidebook. We took "serendipitous shortcuts" several time assured that we could figure out how to get were we were headed. Ordered a used copy, it looked brand new, got it quickly and cheaply.